Thursday, 9 January 2014

Membership Madness

So one of the first things to have to get organized on this grand adventure is memberships.  As anyone familiar with horses and showing would know- there are a multitude of memberships one must have just to get to start filling out your entries.  This year I have the added bonus of having to get US memberships as well as FEI ones.

Typically in Alberta you need at least your Alberta Equestrian Federation (AEF) and Equine Canada (EC).  To event for a season you have to add on Canadian Eventing (CE) and Alberta Horse Trials (AHTA).  Now because I coach Hunter/Jumper I also have to add on Jump Alberta (JA).  Then to be able to show down in the states I have to add on a United States Eventing Association (USEA) membership as well as register Aloan in their database.  Then because I am going to be running a CCI* or two this year- have to add on a FEI passport for Aloan- plus registration for the both of us in the FEI.   Lets just say good thing I will have all these membership cards- they will have to take the room up in my wallet that money used too! 

AEF/AHTA/Out of Province&Country Insurance             $170
EC/CE (Platinum level for FEI and Coaching fees)         $240
USEA for Aloan and I                                                  $205
FEI Passport for Aloan                                               $348
FEI Registration for Aloan and I                                 $ 40
Jump Alberta                                                               $ 35
                                                                                 $ 1,038

Yep- over 1k just in paperwork to get ready to show!  Welcome to the big leagues. 

Luckily eventing at the Provincial level still remains very affordable.  Here is a great link explaining what you need for Alberta.  

An EC Passport is not required until Training level, and up until then you can get away with a Bronze level EC membership. 

Best thing one can really do is research the Omnibus and rulebooks for the levels that are required to show- or get a hold of a more experienced competitor or coach to help decide.  Great thing about eventing is that everyone is willing to give a hand or point you in the right direction. 

Now off to try to make some extra $ to pay for all of these cards...

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  1. Don't forget your own passport renewal costs! Expensive year just to get started!